Knit a Kitten Purl a Puppy

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Knit_a2This is a collection of knitted garments and accessories that are for children and therefore the designs are puppies and kittens. The emphasis is more on dogs because that is Peggy’s primary interest with two-thirds being puppy designs and one-third being kittens. Most of the charts are interchangeable.  The projects are quick because the items are small. To purchase click graphic

Below are a few of the many patterns and designs included in the book.





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By Bethany on November 20, 2012

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If you are an animal lover and knit, this is the book for you. Not only are there beautiful intarsia charts of several kitten and puppy breeds, there are knitting patterns to go with them. I am already planning to knit the multi- sized bag with a miniature schnauzer puppy to carry my IPad in.



By A. Zittel on June 18, 2013

Format: Paperback

I received a review copy of this book last fall, and it’s been sitting on the side of my bed since then. I hadn’t written a review, not because I didn’t like the book, but because I DID like the book – I had intentions of making up a project from the book, and sharing that along with the review. Well, life gets in the way, and you procrastinate, and I finally accepted the fact that that is just not going to happen, so I better get my act in gear and write up the review!This is the second book Peggy Gaffney has in her series of animal related patterns. The book is very straightforward – a bunch of animal charts, that you can use for sweaters, bags, skirts, vests, and hats. The items are all straightforward, so that the cute animal charts will shine.The positive:
* it’s dogs! it’s cats! it’s knitting! and it’s intarsia!
* there’s a great range of dogs, from from Golden Retrievers, to Siberian Husky puppies, to Bulldogs and German Shepherds – there’s also a selection of bonus charts you can mix and match with any of the patterns in the book.
* there’s a section on intarsia hints (including how to eliminate holes) and suggestions for making it easier
* there’s a section on spinning dog hairThere’s a few negatives I see with this book:
* some of the finished samples didn’t look very well executed – I suspect a heavy blocking would have fixed this, but because of the nature of intarsia, it’s very difficult to keep your gauge steady and consistent & neat looking. Some of the pictures are distorted and this distracts from how cute the dogs are!
* there’s not a lot of cats – it’s 75% dogs and 25% cats. I expected more kitties!
* There’s a brief mention of how you can substitute any chart in any design – just center it.Read more ›



Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

I’ve got some of her other books and thought this would be a good reference for other patterns. I have Peggy’s book on Samoyed patterns and love that book as well.


By Deborah on June 23, 2013

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

Great book to have for all my animal lovers in my life! I found the book very easy to follow and the pictures are great!

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