Knitting Books by Peggy Gaffney

Peggy Gaffney created not only the single patterns for each breed but also made collections for some of her favorite breeds. The books are divided into three parts. First we have a collection of twenty-five different items that can be knit in sizes that range from infant up to men’s double x. This includes sweaters, hats, mittens, scarves, afghans, pillows and much more. The second section of each of the single breed books contains charted designs showing the dogs doing activities that are associated with the breed. The third section is all about the breed from its history though all the wonderful things that make the dogs important to man. To illustrate the books, there are collections of approximately eighty photos per book of the dogs in action.

The Knit a Kitten Purl a Puppy is aimed specifically at children with appropriate designs and garments.

The Crafty Cat Knits and The Crafty Llama and Alpaca Knits are arranged similarly to the breed books but with differences specific to their topics.

Peggy hopes you enjoy her designs.

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