About Kanine Knits Patterns


Kanine Knits patterns are well known for the fact that they resemble the breeds quite accurately especially considering that they are knit. The reason for this is that Peggy Gaffney has been breeding and showing her Samoyed dogs since 1968 and has seen all these breeds in the ring many, many times.



She has an eye for how the dog breed should look, be they standing or moving. Having spent so much of her life amerced in this world, she also has built and understanding of the dog’s purpose in life such as a herder, retriever or sled dog.



Another point about these designs is their flexibility. The pattern leaflets come with a sweater pattern. However, since the chart is available, there is no reason that it could not be worked into some other knitting project such as the pillows above.



The hat pictured above is made using one of the patterns from the knitting book The Crafty Samoyed Knits. The books contain patterns for more than sweaters. In fact each of the breed books has twenty-five charted designs to work into twenty-five different knitting projects.



The only thing that restricts you is your imagination.  So enjoy the fun of creating a special project that will remind you for years of that very special dog.

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